Social media class offerings this fall semester

This fall semester, I will be offering two social media classes at VCU: MASC 496 – Mobile and Social Media Journalism and HONR 398 – Social Media Research. Advance registration starts on March 28. 

MASC 496 is a capstone class for print-online journalism students (broadcast students can take it as an elective). It is also known as the iPadJournos project and works closely with our media partner WTVR-CBS 6. To enroll in MASC 496, students must have successfully completed MASC 303, 363 and 367. This course may not be taken simultaneously with MASC 403, MASC 404 or MASC 475. This is the course description:

MASC 496 – Mobile and Social Media Journalism (also known as the “iPadJournos” project) is a capstone course for all print-online journalism students as well as an elective course for broadcast journalism students. The class integrates journalism skills and concepts from previous writing and reporting classes and adapts them to mobile and social media. Students work in a newsroom environment to utilize mobile devices and social media platforms to identify compelling story ideas, effectively break news and report on important news events and issues while applying theories and concepts of online social networking to journalism. Students develop their own professional social media portfolios and build online communities.

HONR 398 is a special topics class offered through VCU’s Honors College. It is open only to honors students. This is the course description:

In this 3-credit-hour course, honors students develop and carry out research projects to study the impact of social media in the field of mass communications and in related fields. Students will apply quantitative and qualitative research methods, such as content analysis, in-depth interviewing and survey, to answer research questions about social media that derive from the current state of the field. Students will review the academic literature on social media as well as the theoretical concepts, develop research methodologies, carry out and write academic research studies.

If you have any questions about these classes, please just send me an email.

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