Online courses on global media this summer

This summer, I am offering two online classes at the VCU Robertson School of Media and Culture. The courses “MASC/INTL 151 – Global Communication” and “MASC 291 – Global Health and Social Media” will both be offered online over five weeks from May 22 to June 22, 2017. Students work on their own time while having to meet regular deadlines for online tests and discussions.  Registration for VCU students starts on Feb. 14. 

“MASC/INTL 151 -Global Communication” is a general education class at VCU that is cross-listed and that can be taken as either MASC 151 or INTL 151 (depending on students’ preferences). “MASC 291 – Global Health and Social Media” is part of a new global health course thread at the university. “MASC 291 – Global Health and Social Media” will also be open for public enrollment (details will be announced shortly). Both classes can also be taken as electives by students in the Robertson School.

The following are the course descriptions:


MASC 291 – Global Health and Social Media

“Global Health and Social Media” is an intensive special topics online class in which students explore the theory and practice of social media campaigns for global health issues. The class is also open for public participation and students will work with interested members of the public to explore the following issues:

  • Theories and concepts of social media campaigns about global health issues
  • Practical application of social media in health campaigns
  • Targeting online audiences through social media
  • Utilization of multimedia content for social media
  • Organizational strategies for social media to achieve social benefits

MASC/INTL 151 – Global Communication

This three-credit-hour undergraduate course is conducted online and explores how communication media and globalization drive each other and how they both impact the nation-state as well as international institutions. The course examines how technology, the global economy and international media corporations influence culture, politics, business, law and other institutions in countries around the world. The course explores the relationship between media systems and governments, and how both are affected by technology and globalization. This summer, the course will also take an in-depth look at the impact of the Trump Administration’s foreign policies and of “Brexit” on international institutions and alliances. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss with assurance new and emerging communications systems and technologies from a global perspective.
  • Identify the historical, political, economic, ethical, legal and cultural issues surrounding globalization.
  • Compare and analyze different international media systems and their impact on global society.
  • Evaluate the concentration process in the global communication business and the emergence of transnational media corporations.
  • Discuss the impact of global communication and globalization on the nation-state and the problems of international communication policy and law.

Please email me, if you have any questions. I hope to see you online this summer!

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