“VCU votes” campaign wins award

Our non-partisan “VCU votes” campaign at the Robertson School of Media and Culture won the 2014 VCU Community Engagement Award for Teaching. The campaign utilized social media engagement and advertising techniques, multimedia news reporting as well as voter registration and Election Day drives in an attempt to increase VCU student voting during the gubernatorial election in Virginia last fall.

“VCU votes,” which was sponsored through a grant of the Campus Election Engagement Project, contributed to an overall 83 percent increase in votes cast at the polling stations surrounding the university.  The campaign was a collaboration with my colleagues Vivian Medina-Messner, Jeff South and Rowena Briones as well as our student campaign manager Emily Satchell and the SPJ student chapter. Please read more on the website of the Robertson School.

Last year, our IYLEP Social Media Institute had won the VCU Community Engagement Award for Teaching as well. Please read about it here.

(Photo by Michael Porter)

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