iPadJournos presentation at Journalism Interactive Conference

ipadjournosI will be presenting the iPadJournos project at the Teach-A-Thon session of the Journalism Interactive Conference at the University of Maryland this Friday (April 4). The presentation will focus on how mobile journalism has become a permanent part of the curriculum at VCU. The following are resources about and from the iPadJournos project that give an in-depth look at how the project works and which technology is used for the mobile reporting for our media partner WTVR-CBS 6.


Project Links

Course website: http://wp.vcu.edu/socialmediajournalism/

Mobile reporting for WTVR.com: http://wtvr.com/author/vcu-ipadjournos/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/iPadJournos/117107498412523

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/iPadJournos

Tumblr news curation: http://vagovwatch.tumblr.com/



iPad Air (Wi-Fi only, 16GB): https://www.apple.com/ipad-air/

Keyboard: http://www.zagg.com/ipad-air-folio/8513

Tripod mount: https://www.grifiti.com/products/nootle-ipad-air-tripod-mount-video-pan-head-movies-videos-photos-demos-displays

Wireless lavalier mic: http://www.hdhatstore.com/Wireless-Lavalier-Microphone-for-iPhone-and-iPad.html


More about the iPadJournos project

“Reporting with the iPadJournos: Educating the Next Generation of Mobile and Social Media Journalists” (Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication)

“Mass Communications Students use iPads for Social Journalism Class” (VCU News)

“iPadJournos reaching new level of education” (VCU School of Mass Communications)


Please e-mail me, if you are interested in a copy of the conference presentation.

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