NPR interview on Chris Christie presser

The scandal over bridge lane closures by his administration as a means of political retaliation has put New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the defensive. The possible Republican presidential contender gave a two-hour press conference on Tuesday, expressing his own outrage, taking on responsibility, but denying any involvement of his own. I was interviewed afterwards by NPR’s Alan Greenblatt on Christie’s crisis management.

The following are excerpts from the article “Taking Responsibility But Dodging Blame, Christie Takes His Time” on NPR’s website.

“Giving a press conference like this is a first step that can reinstate his believability and standing,” says Marcus Messner, a professor of communication at Virginia Commonwealth University. “For him to go before reporters that long gives the image that he’s willing to answer any questions about this, and he’s in charge and he will clean up this mess.”


Christie seemed to be trying to walk a fine line between dodging blame and accepting responsibility. That’s just about what he had to do with this appearance, says Messner, the VCU professor.

“The goal was for him to show he’s in command, that he has nothing to hide and that he was stunned and he had no knowledge about any of this,” Messner says.

Please also read the entire article on the NPR website.

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