#VCUvotes and #UncleRam turn out vote at VCU

uncle ram goldOur get-out-the-vote campaign “VCU votes” completed its second run this fall during the gubernatorial election in Virginia. After the presidential election last year, our campaign was again sponsored by the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP). Our campaign manager Emily Satchell coordinated students from two VCU classes for a voter-registration drive in October and a get-out-the-vote drive on Nov. 5.

“VCU votes” also ran a Facebook advertising campaign that targeted VCU students before the voter registration deadline and around Election Day. On Twitter, the campaign targeted students with the hashtags #VCUvotes and #UncleRam and linked to the voter information handouts on our blog that displayed the policy positions of the candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Students also campaigned in the VCU Students Commons on an almost daily basis.

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