Presentations at the Future of Journalism Conference

I am attending the Future of Journalism Conference in Cardiff (Wales) this week to present a research study I conducted with Vivian Medina Messner that compares the Twitter engagement of business news organizations and their journalists as well as business tweets of across different media formats.  I am also presenting on my “iPadJournos” mobile and social media reporting project.

The following is the abstract for the study “Follow me on Wall Street: How business news media and their journalists engage on Twitter”:

More than 500 million people have accounts on Twitter, which has gained widespread popularity through its breaking news role in many news events. Previous studies found that many news organizations do not engage online audiences via Twitter, but merely present the same content as on their websites. The goal of this study was to explore how leading business news media and individual business journalists engage their audiences on Twitter. This study evaluated the engagement of nine leading business media and their journalists in a quantitative content analysis. Tweets were analyzed during a two-week constructed time period. The coding included an analysis of tweet topics, personal conversation engagements, retweeting frequencies as well as external and internal linking patterns. The results allowed for a detailed analysis of the current Twitter engagement of the leading business media and their journalists as well as a comparison of the Twitter engagement by different media formats.

The following is the abstract for the paper “Reporting with the iPadJournos: Educating the next generation of mobile and social media journalists”:

A mobile and social media reporting project at a public university in the U.S. equipped every student in an undergraduate journalism seminar with an iPad to increase student newsroom engagement levels and improve multimedia reporting skills. This paper provides an overview of the challenges and successes of the iPad adoption as a reporting and learning tool during the first two years of this project. In focus groups and interviews, student participants reported on their experiences in reporting multimedia news packages with a mobile reporting device for a local CBS television station. The results of this paper show that the continuous engagement on social media between the journalism instructor, the students as well as the CBS producers created a real-life newsroom experiment that put student reporters in very competitive positions in a challenging U.S. job market for journalists. The paper provides practical tips for structuring and implementing an iPad reporting project as well as continuing iPad student learning at journalism schools.

Please e-mail me, if you are interested in more information on these presentations.

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