Is Facebook losing its coolness?

The hip start-up days are long gone for Facebook, which is now publicly traded, profit driven and one of the leading Internet companies in the world. “Facebook is getting old” titled the Daily Dot yesterday on its story on the aging of Facebook and its hipper competitors, for which I was interviewed by writer Tim Sampson.

The following are excerpts from the story “Facebook is getting old”:

Teens are migratory. They’re chasing after coolness. And Facebook isn’t hip anymore, according to Marcus Messner, an assistant professor in the Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Mass Communication. Messner said many of his college students still use Facebook, if for no other reason than it’s “unavoidable.” But newer sites carry a lot more social cachet.

“For many of them Facebook has lost its cool to Tumblr and Instagram,” Messner told The Daily Dot. According to Messner, while virtually everyone is still on Facebook, they may not be enjoying it as much.  (…)

But according to Messner, Facebook has no other choice but to try and mature with its users. Myspace failed to evolve, leading to its eventual detriment. And the recent Yahoo acquisition of Tumblr demonstrates that network’s move toward the establishment.

“Being hip does not make money by itself,” he said. “And social media companies can only run for so long on venture capital. They have to grow up at some point, as disappointing that might be for some users.”

Please read the complete story on the Daily Dot.

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