How much should governments regulate the Internet?

The question of how much influence governments should have over Internet regulation is as old as the medium itself. In Singapore, the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts has asked the Internet community to create a code of conduct for proper online behavior after a series of cyber-bullying incidents. Lediati Tan interviewed me on this issue and attempts for stronger Internet regulation in the U.S. for The New Paper in Singapore.

The following are excerpts from the story “In a bind over Net regulation” in The New Paper.

Earlier this year, two bills in the US Congress attempted to target international online piracy through new Internet regulations.

A massive protest across social media platforms pressured lawmakers to abandon these bills, social media expert and Virginia Commonwealth University’s assistant professor Marcus Messner told TNP. Like Mr Siew and Prof Tan, Dr Messner does not see how government regulation of the Internet can prevent online bullying.

A more effective approach, he said, would be to educate Internet users early, ideally from primary school, on how to interact with others online.

Please also read the story on the website of Asia One.

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