Is Richmond mediocre in social media?

A recent list in Men’s Health magazine ranked Richmond as rather mediocre in the social media sphere of American cities. The River City only came in as the 38th “most socially networked city” and earned a C+.  I was interviewed by writer Jennifer Pullinger on the reliability of the ranking and the social media community in Richmond.

The following is an excerpt from Pullinger’s story “Richmond: The #38 ‘Most Socially Networked City’?“:

Marcus Messner, who teaches social media and multimedia journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University, put the Men’s Health grade scale in perspective.

“Richmond is a mid-sized city, so it’s natural that we are ranking somewhere in the middle,” Messner said. “We are not New York or Washington, D.C., but Richmond is making its name for technology and social media-related issues.”

“You just have to separate— and I think that’s what the study was getting at –how much the general population uses social media versus how much the experts use social media,” Messner added. “I think we have a very vibrant, expert community that is using social media to no lesser degree than anywhere else.”

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