Social media and the 2012 presidential campaign

President Barack Obama and the Republican field of candidates are putting their social media campaigns in place for the 2012 presidential race. Republicans recently announced that they will be ready to play social media this time around, and President Obama joined the millions of bloggers on the popular social network Tumblr. Moderator John Moe interviewed me this week on the rise and use of Tumblr for American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech Report.

The story “Obama goes to Tumblr” was broadcasted on stations today. The following is an excerpt from the story on the Marketplace website:

Marcus Messner teaches mass communications at Virginia Commonwealth University and says Tumblr “has a community that makes it very easy to spread ideas and spread content. It’s very easy to make something go viral, they just click on a button and it’s shared.”

But isn’t that what you do on other social networking sites? Messner says, “Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms, so whatever we post there, it’s always generally very brief. Tumblr is blogging platform, so you think about strategy and a campaign around a certain topic, you use Tumblr as your base and then build a viral campaign around that base.”

In the interest of full disclosure, Messner’s wife is a consultant to Tumblr.

Please listen to and read the full story.

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