Social media fire up “Occupy” movement

“Occupy Wall Street” in New York has developed into a worldwide protest movement during the last few days. As with many other street protests in recent years, social media played a central role in promoting and organizing the movement. Reporter Ann-Kathrin Seidel of the new German iPad magazine “Sonntag – Das digitale Magazin” interviewed me on what makes successful social media campaigns and how they are propelled by traditional news media coverage.

The Q&A is available in German (“Auf den Marktplatz stellen und schreien”). Please also take a look at the new iPad concept of “Sonntag – Das digitale Magazin,” which is produced by the German publishing house Madsack, my former employer. Madsack launched a tablet initiative that established a media store selling a package of tablets, app and newspaper subscriptions as well as training sessions to its readers for a monthly subscription fee.  The app for the digital magazine can be found in the iPad App Store when searching for “sonntag.”

It’s certainly a new approach. I’m curious to see how successful it will be.

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