Obama, jobs and social media

The Obama Administration teamed up with Monster.com to encourage job seekers to post their questions on the job search engine’s Facebook page. The White House answered selected questions in YouTube videos this week. Adam Hochberg, columnist for the Poynter Institute, interviewed me on the effectiveness of this targeted social media strategy and the overall new media approach of the White House.

The following is an excerpt from Hochberg’s article “White House uses social media as ‘Costco version of politics'”:

Other observers point out that most of the Administration’s Internet events are missing the element most responsible for creating the campaign’s online excitement — President Obama himself. While Web users have had the opportunity to pose questions to Cabinet secretaries, White House advisors, and even the First Lady, the President has interacted with them only occasionally. “During the campaign, he was really engaging with his social media network,” said Virginia Commonwealth University social media professor Marcus Messner, who notes that most citizens are understandably less enthusiastic about communicating online with Administration officials whose names they barely know. “I think it would be really effective for the President to take an hour to answer questions personally,” Messner said. White House new media guru Phillips concedes that the Administration’s online strategy is still a work in progress, with some successes and some “things that we’ve learned from.”

You can read the entire article, which focuses on the overall social media strategy of the Obama Adminstration and the transition from campaigning to governing, here.

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